Myrtle Beach Course Map

"How can I find the best tee times near me?" It's easy with our comprehensive Myrtle Beach map of top area courses like the Dye, Love, Fazio and Norman courses at Barefoot Golf, Oyster Bay Country Club, Litchfield Country Club and so many more.

Simply zoom into your area of interest, and click on a map pin for contact information and directions to your course of choice. When you've found it, see how you can play it among our wide range of Myrtle Beach golf deals under the "Golf Packages" navigation link above.

Tee Time Only Deals


Play the Ultimate Glen's the only package on the beach where you can pay for 3 rounds and you aut...

LEGENDS BUY 4 GET 1 FREE! Breakfast, Lunch, and 2 Beers included!

Play all 5 Legends Courses: Heritage, Oyster Bay, Legends Parkland, Legends Heathland, and Legend...


This is a 4 round "Dream" Package playing Caledonia Golf and Fish ...

48 Hour Tee Times
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